2019 – Zé Eduardo workshop


  本會2013年起每年邀請葡萄牙爵士教父Zé Eduardo來澳,來到第七年(第9期)仍有入門班及會員班於今個月26號(五)晚東方基金會演出,歡迎所有愛樂者見證澳門爵士樂最新發展,免費入場!

  Starting 2013, MJPA has been inviting Zé Eduardo, the jazz godfather from Portugal, to Macau. Beginner class and MJPA class of this seventh year (9th phase) are still going strong and will be performing. Please come to witness the latest jazz development of Macau, at Orient Foundation on 26th (Fri) this month, free admission!

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