閉幕音樂會: 楊曉恩四重奏 (台灣)

Finale Concert: Shawna Yang Quartet (Taiwan)

12月11日 (日) 8:00pm



11 DEC(Sun) 8:00pm

Dom Pedro V Theatre

Free Admission


來自台灣的色士風手楊曉恩畢業於美國著名的柏克萊音樂學院(Berklee College of Music) ,是現今台灣最活躍的樂手之一:除了作為樂手,她亦是著名現代爵士樂團「變形蟲」 及曾任底細爵士大樂隊的音樂總監。先後發行個人專輯 “The Journey of a Bird”,第二張專輯 “Simple Life” 更獲得第27屆金曲獎演奏類最佳專輯獎。她的四重奏(鋼琴手許鬱英、低音提琴手徐崇育及鼓手林偉中)將為本屆爵士週拉下布幕。在此之前本會特別邀請四專業樂手舉行工作坊,歡迎所有音樂愛好者及學生參與,一同學習交流。

Taiwanese saxophonist Shawna Yang, graduate of Berklee College of Music, is one of the most active musicians in Taiwan. More then a saxophonist, Yang has been music director of renowned jazz ensemble Ameba and Dizzy Jazz Band. Personal albums “Journey of a Bird” and “Simple Life” have been released, while the second one won the best album (instrumental) of 27th Golden Melody Awards. Her quartet (Yu-Ying Hsu on piano, Vincent Hsu on bass and Wei-Chung Lin on drums) will be closing the curtain for the Jazz Week. And beforehand, this very quartet will conduct a workshop, all music lovers and students are welcome.