講座 — 香港爵士唱片歷程

Jazz Talk - The story of Hong Kong Jazz Records

12月8日 (四) 7:00pm

雅思音樂中心 (南灣大馬路325號昌輝大廈地下C及CA鋪)


8 DEC(Thu) 7:00pm

Aces Music Centre (Av. da Praia Grande, No.325, Edf. Cheong Fai, R/C, Bloco C & CA)

Free Admission

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主講:Tommy Ho(香港 Hong Kong)

Tommy Ho為香港全方位的職業結他手,早於80年代於美國Dick Grove College音樂學院及Musician Institute結他學院(GIT)畢業,師從Joe Pass、Larry Carlton、Robben Ford、Howard Roberts、Joe Diorio 、Don Mock 及Pat Martino 等大師。回港後一直擔任唱片公司的結他手、製作人、作曲及編曲,當中包括WEA、 Capital Artist、Fitto Entertainments及BMG等接近二十年。近年他回歸到自己的爵士根源,並積極與本地及來自世界各地的樂手作演出。身份多樣的他將以唱片製作人的經歷,講述香港爵士樂唱片的過去及未來。


Jazz Talk – The story of Hong Kong Jazz Records by Tommy Ho (Hong Kong)

Tommy Ho, professional all-directional guitarist from Hong Kong, graduate of Dick Grove College and Musician Institute GIT in America, had been studying with jazz greats Joe Pass, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Howard Roberts, Joe Diorio, Don Mock and Pat Martino . Ho has been musician, producer, composer and arranger since his return to Hong Kong, he had worked for WEA, Capital Artist, Fitto Entertainments and BMG through his career of over two decades. These years, for returning to his jazz origin, Ho is very active in cooperating with local and international musicians. Ho will give a talk with his experience as a producer, telling the story of Hong Kong jazz records.

*The Talk will be conducted in Cantonese