開幕音樂會 — 葉賀璞(台灣) 爵士結他獨奏會

Opening Concert: Solo Guitar Recital by Hope Yeh (Taiwan)

12月10日 (日) 8:00pm崗頂劇院鏡廳免費入場

10 DEC (Sun) 8:00pmDom Pedro V Theatre Mirror HallFree Admission


來自台灣的葉賀璞畢業自比利時佈魯素斯皇家音樂學院(Royal Conservatory of Brussels),取得爵士結他演奏碩士的他師從Fabien Deryse及Peter Hertmans 等大師,是新生代的華人爵士樂手。 於第二屆澳門爵士週首次來澳獻技並得到熱烈迴響。他的風格充滿創意和情感,也是位編曲家和獨奏能手。 2016發表個人最新獨奏專輯「The White One」”一白”,葉氏將以爵士結他獨奏會打開今屆爵士週的序幕。

Guitarist Hope Yeh from Taiwan, Master at Royal Conservatory of Brussels, studied with masters Fabien Deryse and Peter Hertmans.He is one of the new generation Chinese jazz musicians, who gained enthusiast feedback with his debut in Macau in 2013. Yeh, being a very fine soloist and arranger, acquires a style full of creativity and emotion. With the latest album “The White One” published in 2016, Yeh will be opening the curtain of the Jazz Week with a solo guitar recital.