「爵士結他正傳」 結他大師音樂會

“The Guitar Legacy” Martin Taylor, Ulf Wakenius & Eugene Pao

12月13日 (三) 8:00pm崗頂劇院鏡廳免費入場

13 DEC (Wed) 8:00pmDom Pedro V Theatre Mirror HallFree Admission


英籍爵士結他手Martin Taylor絕對是家傳戶曉的名字,活躍於國際樂壇近四十年的他發行了超過三十將個人專輯,合作過的傳奇樂手不計其數,2002年受英女皇頒發大英帝國勳章,其獨奏結他風格及技巧備受推崇。 瑞典爵士結他手Ulf Wakenius為德國著名爵士唱片ACT的專屬樂手,其唱片產量亦不遑多讓,曾接替Joe Pass成為爵士傳奇Oscar Peterson四重奏的結他手。 香港結他大師包以正(Eugene Pao)是當今華人爵士樂界的頂峰,最為本地樂迷熟悉,去年以國際組合Aisan Jazz All Stars Power Quartet結他手身份參與爵士週。 三位國際知名的結他手將於澳門聚首一堂,將為今屆爵士週帶到最高潮。

With a glowing career that spans over 40 years and 30 albums under his belt, Martin Taylor needs no introduction. Revered by fellow musicians and fans, this veteran guitarist was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for services in jazz music in 2002. Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius is the exclusive artist of German label ACT and has issued an impressive amount of records. Wakenius had, at one point, filled the guitar chair of Joe Pass in the legendary Oscar Peterson Quartet. Chinese jazz icon Eugene Pao has seen his influence extend way beyond his home city Hong Kong. Fans would be thrilled to see him perform in Macau again after his appearance last year as the guitarist of the Asian Jazz All Stars Power Quartet. These three internationally renowned musicians will meet in Macau, and bring the Jazz Week to a new high.