開幕音樂會:Jeremy Monteiro 世代樂隊(新加坡)

Opening Concert: The Jeremy Monteiro Generations Band (Singapore)

12月17日 (一) 8:00pm崗頂劇院免費入場

17 DEC (Mon) 8:00pmDom Pedro V TheatreFree Admission


兩年前Asian Jazz All-Stars Power Quartet的餘音未了,國際著名樂手—新加坡「搖擺之王」Jeremy Monteiro再譽歸來澳門爵士週,更特別集合當地新一代好手(色士風手Sean Hong Wei、低音提琴手Ben Poh及鼓手Yap Ting Wei)組成世代樂隊,這個組合曾與當代大師Benny Golson及Randy Brecker合作。特別嘉賓是新加坡爵士教父Louis Soliano,樂齡接近六十載的他曾為爵士傳奇Stan Getz及Anita O’Day伴奏,60年代在巴黎Blue Note的三重奏更與bebop開創者Bud Powell對台演出。


With the impact by Asian Jazz All-Stars Power Quartet just two years ago, Macau Jazz Week welcomes Jeremy Monteiro, the internationally renowned “King of Swing” from Singapore, again. The Jeremy Monteiro Generations Band is a band that brings together some of the best musicians in Singapore from various generations, including saxophonist Sean Hong Wei, bassist Ben Poh and drummer Yap Ting Wei, which has played with the likes of Benny Golson and Randy Brecker.

Special guest, vocalist and Godfather of Singapore Jazz Maestro Louis Soliano, has played with some of the best in the music business over his almost 60 years career including Stan Getz and Anita O’Day. In the 60s, he played at Blue Note in Paris Opposite Bebop legend Bud Powell.

This super band will raise the curtain of Macau Jazz Week, and begin the one-week journey of “Meeting the Masters”.