講座:澳門爵士樂五十年(Tony Abelardo)

Talk: 50 years of Macau Jazz (by Tony Abelardo)

12月20日 (四) 7:30pm崗頂劇院鏡廳免費入場

20 DEC (Thu) 7:30pmDom Pedro V Theatre Mirror HallFree Admission


(講座將以廣東話進行 The talk will be conducted in Cantonese)

樂隊領班、作曲家及鋼琴手Tony Abelardo生於四十年代,1965年受顧於愛都酒店來澳,並於1970年起擔任葡京酒店的音樂總監。在澳門全職演奏超過十年的他為求琴藝更上一層樓,毅然辭去厚職並於70年代前往美國爵士殿堂Berklee College of Music深造,並以最高榮譽畢業。這位真正的澳門第一代爵士樂手,見證著澳門和爵士樂在時代中的發展和變遷,將於講座中與大家分享他的經歷和見聞。

Band leader, composer and pianist Tony Abelardo was born in the 40s and moved to Macau by the employment of Hotel Estoril in 1965, and began his job as the music director at Hotel Lisbon in 1970. Even with an experience of a decade of full time performance, Abelardo had an higher artist ambition and took more advanced study at Berklee College of Music, one of the most profound halls of jazz studies in America, and graduated Cum Laude. Being the most authentic first generation jazz musician in Macau, Abelardo has been witnessing the evolutions and changes of Macau and jazz culture, he will be sharing his experience and thoughts.