Kerong Chok(新加坡)三重奏音樂會

Kerong Chok Trio (Sinapore) Concert

12月13日 (五) 8:00pm崗頂劇院免費入場

13 DEC (Fri) 8:00pmDom Pedro V TheatreFree Admission


卓可榮(Kerong Chok)是國際矚目的作曲家、爵士鋼琴家及爵士管風琴家,發行過 “Good Company” 和 “Tales They Told Me” 兩張個人專輯。他的管風琴三重奏是新加坡表現最出眾的樂隊之一,融合正宗爵士及藍調風格。他們將毫不保留地帶來心神合一的演奏。

Chok Kerong (管風琴)

Andrew Lim (結他)

Soh Wen Ming (爵士鼓)

Chok Kerong is an internationally renowned organist, pianist and composer. He has released two albums, “Good Company” and “Tales They Told Me”, both of which feature his expansive songwriting and command of the organ. His current organ trio is considered to be one of the finest ensembles to emerge from Singapore, and the group’s music reflects the members’ dedication to swing, the blues and an aesthetic that favours authenticity above all. Expect uncompromising music that engages both heart and mind, presented with a startling depth of expression.

Chok Kerong (organ)

Andrew Lim (guitar)

Soh Wen Ming (drums)